Here are our Top 5 most frequently asked questions; in ascending order

4. Do you do a gluten free pizza?
I’m afraid that we don’t.
We have tried and are still trying to develop our own recipe but have yet to create anything that we’re happy with/ proud of. Also, as an authentic pizzeria our preparation and cooking practices bring about some additional challenges.
3. Do you do take-away?
There are 3 ways you can do this…
Modern (for us)… click on the order link, order, pay…go and collect
Less modern…call us, place the order, go in, pay and take out
Really old fashioned…come to see us, place your order, have a cocktails as you wait and leave as it comes straight out the oven.
2. Want to write to us?
1. Do you take bookings?
Yes we do. You can call us and book a table or do it online here ..